Marysoleil Labelle

Marysoleil was born in a small town south of Quebec City. After graduating from high school she studied professional photography for two years and moved to Toronto as a nanny to lean English and eventually travel the world as a fashion photographer. It is during her time in Toronto that she discovered herself a passion for international politics and decided to move to Ottawa to go to university. She worked as a French teacher, registration analyst, and banquet server during her studies and graduated from the University of Ottawa with honour in Political Science in 2007. She started working for Global Affairs Canada ten years ago and she is now a Senior Advisor in Organization Design and Classification. 

Marysoleil bought her first income property with her husband in 2011 and she has been taking real estate training and courses for 8 years. In addition to being an active member of Stilettos & Hammers for five years, she is now on the select group investing in the US through Stilettos & Hammers. Her long term real estate goals are to invest in commercial multi-family buildings of ten units and more in Canada and later invest in land development to create energetically self-sufficient communities. Overall, she has a strong desire to help people improve their lives and have a positive impact by developing and implementing meaningful and lasting solutions to society’s problems. Her creativity combined with her analytical skills result in ideas that are both innovative and effective. 

Marysoleil is a mother of three who seeks more financial freedom to eventually work less for other and more for herself. She would like to go back to university to do a master, start a food company and have the means to travel the world with her family for a month every year. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, cooking, reading and dancing West Coast Swing.

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