Manon Hapke
Director of Marketing and Public Relation
Gail Niman
Director of Finance
Gail Niman is a passionate entrepreneur who has spent the last decade building her realty investment business through a combination of numerous hands-on workshops and training sessions across Canada with industry leaders, as well as the purchase of pre-construction condos in Ontario.
Cheryl McCaldder
Director of Operations
Marysoleil Labelle
Director of Administration
Marysoleil was born in a small town south of Quebec City. After graduating from high school she studied professional photography for two years and moved to Toronto as a nanny to lean English and eventually travel the world as a fashion photographer.
Lena Guirguis
Asset management Consultant, Serial entrepreneur, Public speaker, wife, and a mom with business and brands spanning North America
Lyne Bragagnolo
Director of Customer Relations
Major (retired) Lyne Bragagnolo enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in February 1986 and soon thereafter graduated the Air Traffic Control Officer’s Basic Course in Cornwall, Ontario in 1989.
Julie Odin
Director of Sales
In 2003, Julie lost her job & created a basement suite to keep her home. This experience created an interest in real estate & she became a Realtor to help people see income in their homes.