Time Management Workshop

I’m sure many of us wish we had more hours in the day to accomplish the goals we set.  If you are like me there are many days that you may feel overwhelmed with work, or tasks that never seem to drop off your to-do list.

I myself struggled for years trying to manage the growth of 2 businesses, as well as maintaining a work/life balance.   What I realized is, the reason I struggled was not because I didn’t have enough hours in my day, but simply because I was missing 1 simple ingredient to effective time management.   Once I learned this 1 simple rule our businesses expanded (from 2-4) and we have more time to travel and enjoy the simple things in life.

Please join us Monday to learn from the man who taught me how to take control of time and increase my efficiency 100x.  This is a workshop I promise you will not want miss and I am 100% confident that in the 3 hours you are there you will experience more aha moments that you thought possible.

2 times to select from and this is an event open to both MEN and WOMEN!

12pm – 3pm or 7pm – 10pm

Westin Bristol Place

950 Dixon Rd, Toronto

Register now for your free tickets and remember to invite a friend…time management is something we can ALL benefit from.


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