Real Estate Fundamentals – A practical approach to RE Investing Education

You’ve been asking and we are ready to DELIVER! 

Join us for our Real Estate Fundamentals Training Program. 

This program is designed to take you from the start of financial planning right to the end with a purchase of your very own!

Join us an learn HANDS ON, what it takes to plan and execute the purchase, and stabilization of a multi-family property (as well as single family dwellings).

This program has been designed to work with YOU to acquire the property best suited for YOUR investing needs, and we will be there the entire way working with you to ensure you are making the decisions best suited for your goals.

This program will also be offering the opportunity for members to participate in a group purchase!  This means you will be able to partner with a group of qualified investors to put your resources together and purchase a larger property.  This is NOT a syndicate, you are NOT lending a mortgage…this is an opportunity for you to OWN first hand with the capital you have available (please note that this is not a mandatory part of the program).

This is a unique program that will cover ALL the aspects of investing hands on with professionals guiding you every step of the way.

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