Manage your property like a PRO!

This month I will be sharing some of my proven strategies for successfully managing my properties, my tenants, and my time!

We all hear the horror stories about deadbeat or professional tenants who are using the system to live rent free, leaving property damaged, and causing lost income month after month.  What’s scarier is a lot of these tenants have been selected and managed by so called professionals!

This month you will learn

• How to manage your tenants with little to no effort

• How to screen problem tenant before they even view your unit

• How to handle “problem” tenants you inherit

• How to screen property managers

• How to manage from a distance

and more…

If you are tired of micro-managing your property manger, or dealing with late night phone calls, disrespectful tenants, and thousands of dollars of lost rent this meeting is for you!  

If you want to be equipped with the basics to make smart choices when it comes to tenants and property managers THIS MEETING IS FOR YOU!!

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