Investment HOT SPOTS! WHERE and WHAT to invest in

One of the biggest questions any investor asks before getting stared is “Where should I be investing?”.  spend hours reading up on the next “Hot Spot” and the markets that have the greatest potential to generate “Great” returns, but sometimes with all the various opinions it gets a little tough narrowing down whats best for us.

This month we have 3 area exporters joining us and sharing what the hot spots around our very back yard are, and what will get us the greatest bang for our buck!

Sandra Longden-Ojha, Yvette Barnes, and Shawna Connelly will be digging into the Peel, Durham, GTA and Hamilton Regions, to show you what the best strategy is in each region and why these areas could be great investment spots for you!

This month you will learn:

  • What makes the Hamilton, Peel, Durham and GTA regions so hot
  • What kind of property you should be looking for to maximize your returns in these areas
  • What you need to avoid in these regions
  • What to consider before deciding where you want to invest
  • What a little less today, could bring you a lot more tomorrow

and much more…

If you are wondering where you should be making your next investment.  Or if you are looking o expand the areas you currently invest in you need to join us and find out why you could be making great returns in your very own back yard!

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