How to avoid mistake that cost you money

We are excited to be able to bring one of the members of our very own Power Team to you this month who will be sharing her top 10 tax-saving tips for business owners and investors. Since this is such a critical topic for EVERY business owner or investor – even if you have just started out. We strongly encourage the men in our network to join us!

Tax season is upon us and it is fair to say that taxes are something every business owner or investor should learn to love 🙂 

There’s no getting around it… we MUST pay our fair share to the government, but, did you know that there are MANY LEGAL incentives provided by this very government to us?

The Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Real Estate Investor is given many incentives to reduce the amount of taxes payable. 
How’s that you may ask?… In this webinar we are going to be discussing exactly that! 

This month Renata Magalahes will be sharing some of the most commonly missed tax deduction opportunities with and will help you find common mistakes that can cost you big money!

This month you will learn:

  • How to maximize your tax deductions
  • The most common mistakes made by investors and business owners
  • How to keep your books organized and reconciled
  • How to streamline your paper system

This meeting is an absolute must for ANYONE looking to maximize their tax returns…and this could result in more money in your pocket for your next investment opportunities!And, much more…

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  • Start Date
    February 26, 2019 7:30 pm
  • End Date
    9:00 pm
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