Get ALL your deals funded

Ladies mark you calendars!  This is an event you WANT to attend.

We all hear about the inevitable glass ceiling that every investor hits with the banks…that day you find out that you are “MAXED OUT” and no longer qualify for a mortgage…this day is the day that puts most investors out of the game and onto the bench as an observer on the side lines until appreciation and mortgage pay down have done their thing.

What if there was a way you could EXTEND the height of that ceiling?  What if you were able to push that ceiling from 5 properties to 6 or maybe even 7 or 8 or even 100? What if that ceiling in fact is nothing more than a myth created by people who just don’t know any different? What would that mean for you and your portfolio?

This month we are going to discus the alternatives to bank financing!

We are going to look at finding alternative methods to funding your deals be it through Joint Venture Partnerships, or Private Money.

This month you will learn:

• What alternatives are available

• When to go down the alternative route

• The best way to structure the deal

• Where to find the alternative lenders

and much much more…

IF you are looking for a way to secure your spot along the Real Estate Success Path this is a meeting you do not want to miss.

Find out how you can get started or continue growing without worrying about the approval of the bank.

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