Corporate Tax & Asset Protection for Investors

Have you been wondering how to set yourself up to be most protected when investing in Real Estate?   

Have you been told you need a Corporation or 2 or 3 to take advantage of tax benefits and/or to protect yourself against liability? 

Have you been wondering what the tax and estate consequences are with these 1 size fits all solutions? 

If so, you don’t want to miss this meeting! 

This month we have an amazing Lawyer speaking to us about the various options we have to take full advantage of the things we are most concerned about.  He will talk about why a corporation may not always be the best choice and the legal and estate planning questions you need to ask.

This is such an important topic and one that is so frequently misunderstood!  AND… in the spirit of Family Day and Valentine’s Day, for one time only, we are inviting you to bring the man of your choice to this amazing meeting!!  It can be your partner, your son, your brother, your friend we don’t mind… as long as he is accompanied by a Modern women!! 

P.S. We are expecting a large attendance, so to insure that we have the right room size to accommodate everyone comfortably, we ask that you reserve your seat now at the link below… If you indicated that you are going on any other website, you must also reserve your seat through the link below…

Event Details