Building the foundation for SUCCESS!!

Hello Modern Women!

This month we are going back to basics!  Many members have been asking where to start… and these are just a few of the common questions they are asking…

Where should I be looking? 

When should I start investing?

Should I buy personally or in a corporation?

Should I do it on my own or find a JV Partner?

What strategy should I use?

This month we are going to answer these questions! 

We are going to show you how to lay YOUR foundation for success.  We will look at the various types of strategies and how to decided where to start. 

We will look at how to decide if you should incorporate or not and much much more.

Join us to learn how you can get set up for success or what to do accelerate the track you are currently on!

Get your tickets now to secure your seat!! And remember to invite a friend 🙂

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