Brunch and Learn : Identifying your investment mix

One of the biggest challenges we face as investors is how to properly diversify our portfolios.  We have all been told at one time or another that it’s best NOT to have all our eggs in one basket, yet no one really talks about what baskets our eggs should be in.

We are taught to find properties that will generate $100/door/mth and then do our math backwards and see how many doors we need, yet no one ever goes into the details of what this backwards math should look like.

We hear that Real Estate is the safest vehicle to build wealth with, yet we don’t hear how to maximize our dollars while minimizing our risk and our time commitment.

In the spirit of “BACK TO SCHOOL” our September meeting will dive into the details of what you need to create an effective investment blueprint that will pave the way for wealth not just today, but 10+ years from now.

Given the detailed nature of this event and to provide an opportunity for Q & A there will only be 25 spots available.

At this meeting you will learn:

– the steps needed to identify your “baseline” income

– how to identify your ideal portfolio mix

– how to manage and mitigate your risk as you approach major milestones (retirement, children going to university, leaving your full-time job)

and much more!

If you are wondering what your next investment move should be, if you should be liquidating assets or buying more, or if you are looking to see if it’s time to become the bank, this meeting is a MUST for YOU!

Event Details