Meet the Founder

Lena Guirguis is a Business Advisor, author, and speaker. She is a Managing Partner at New Venture Solutions a full service Business Advisory firm, and co-founder of NV Property Management, a boutique-style firm offering its clients unique asset management solutions. 

Lena also founded Stilettos & Hammers™, an all-women’s real estate investment network focused on educating women and providing them with resources to enable them to confidently start or expand their real estate portfolio.


Lena began her real estate journey at the age of 21 with the purchase of a mismanaged triplex in Eastern Ontario to buy, fix and hold. By the age of 25, she had acquired a multi-million dollar portfolio and was running one of Ottawa’s premier asset management firms.

While buy, fix and hold of multi-family properties has always been Lena’s preferred investing strategy, she has amassed multiple Rent-to-Own properties over the last decade and developed a RECO approved RTO System. She has also successfully completed several fix-and-flips and land severances.

Through her experience, Lena finds under-performing properties with high potential and transforms them into quality rentals while creating ethical win-win situations for all involved by providing her investors and clients secure and hassle free returns, and providing her tenants with safe, quality units to call home. 

She has also developed a solid management system that allows both herself and her clients to remotely oversee the management of their investments regardless of its location.

A lifelong athlete and certified personal trainer and nutritional coach, she also invests several hours of her week helping others reach their personal health and wellness goals. Lena firmly believes that successful business goals are a direct result of the successful attainment of one’s personal goals.


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